The West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services mission is to support West Region Anishinaabe to enhance and sustain healthy communities of today and tomorrow.



To reclaim the health of Anishinaabe by reopening doors to healthy living for present and future generations.


In the spirit and intent of our Treaties and our culture, including honouring the Seven Traditional Teachings, we will carry out our responsibilities in serving, strengthening, and empowering our Anishinaabe communities, and in interacting with the broader community, in a manner that values;

  • Wisdom, incorporating innovation and creativity, leadership, and honour.
  • Love, incorporating morality and unity, customs, traditions, diversity, accessibility.
  • Respectencompassing the application of professional ehtics and integrity, and respect for our staff, leadership, and our community members, including Children, Youth, Elders, and Families.
  • Bravery, involving advocacy, building partnerships and capacity.
  • Honestyembracing transparency.
  • Truth, fostering fairness and accountability.
  • Humility, combining teamwork and collaboration.

As people of the land and water, we respect and value our place to protect the balance that Mother Earth provides, including the four traditional elements of land, air, water, and fire, ensuring sustainability for future generations.


  • Rolling River

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Keeseekowenin

  • Pine Creek First Nation