The Aboriginal Health Human Resource Initiative Project

Overall Goal & Aim of the Health Human Resource Coordinator Project:
o Is to increase the number of First Nation Health Care Workers with the WRTC area to meet the current and growing health care needs;
o To continue to support the ongoing Health Human resource planning and Capacity Building of First Nations.
o WRTC Health Department is proposing to address some of the barriers that are preventing First Nation from entering and succeeding in the health professions.
o To strategize how we will work with our youth and train them to go into health careers. As the Aboriginal population is rapidly increasing.
o Having First Nation professionals working with the WRTC Communities is very important.
o WRTC HD conducted a health needs assessment where training First Nations people to become professionals; which was one of the recommendations that was expressed by the community members.
o A conference and development of a website will be part of the project.
o Establishing foundations for collaboration (partnerships).
o Creating awareness and interest in health careers as viable career options.
o Increasing the number of First Nations students entering into, and succeeding in health career studies.
o Working with post-secondary educational institutions to be supportive of and conducive (encouraging) to First Nations students in health career studies.
o To establish standards of practice and a certification process to First Nation community-based health care workers.
o To have supportive and conducive work environments that will increase the retention of First Nations health care workers, and non-Aboriginal health care workers working in First Nation communities.
o To initiate the establishment of baseline information, knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange.
o Development of a 10-year health training plan.

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  • Rolling River

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Keeseekowenin

  • Pine Creek First Nation