WRTC Health Department - Drinking Water Program

The main focus of the Drinking Water Safety Program is to help provide safe and potable drinking water to the First Nation Communities.

Each community has a Community Based Water Monitor located in the First Nation Community. It is the responsibility of the monitor to collect water samples on a weekly basis. These samples are collected from all parts of the water system including the water treatment plant, water delivery trucks and both private homes and public buildings. The samples are analyzed in a community lab. The equipment and supplies for the lab are provided through the Environmental Health Program. Once, the samples have been analyzed, the results are reported to the Environmental Health Officer for review and follow up action as required.

All of the sample results are entered into the Watertrax database. This database allows for comprehensive monthly reporting on the water quality of each community. These reports are sent to Chief and Council and Health Staff for information. In the event of a contaminated water supply, the Environmental Health Officer will work with community leadership to assist in correcting the problems as soon as possible.


  • Rolling River

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Keeseekowenin

  • Pine Creek First Nation