WRTC Health Department - Environmental Health Program

In any community, a safe environment means safe water, food supplies, suitably built housing and proper disposal of wastes. An environmental health program involves identifying, preventing and correcting environmental and public health issues which affect the health of community members.

The Environmental Health Program provides inspection services in a variety of areas including community water supply, private water supply, community sewage disposal, private sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, food quality, institutions such as daycares, headstarts and schools, special events, recreational facilities, communicable disease control in cooperation with the community health nurses, pest control, housing, environmental contaminants, occupational health and safety, transportation of dangerous goods and environmental assessments.

Services for all the above mentioned areas include inspections, assessments, sampling, reporting and correspondence, education, and consultations with the communities and various government levels.


  • Rolling River

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Keeseekowenin

  • Pine Creek First Nation